The thrill of the flight, the speed of the chase!” Join Phil Smalley and his pack at on onelife-productions as they take you on a new adventure. This is a company that is geared towards educating and publicising what the nitty gritty of country life really is.

Join Phil and his characteristic gang as they trap, hunt and take their sport to the bare knuckle. We feature a fully functional online shop with all of our DVD’s featured. Exploring subjects such as snaring, ratting, bare knuckle boxing and country music. Also featured are Romany Gypsy interviews at popular shows and out in the field. Have a good time on our site, learn a little, experience a lot, and use your knowledge of hunting for an adventure of your own at home!


One Life Productions 3 DVD

With a whole series that explores the fast moving, heart pumping side of country life, you’ll be rearing to get out into the fields after your very first watch. We also make a point of showcasing the drama and humour that we experience on our travels.

You now have the ability to learn more about the country in a personal way, but in the comfort of your home. Watch exclusive interviews with local legends, and introduce yourselves to new equipment, net making and even a little country music.


A Word From Phil

All of our DVD’s are geared towards teaching you how to be a successful huntsman. All the while providing an easy to watch format, and even a bit of humour.

In the time we have spend recording our releases we have learned a lot and met some amazing characters. We make our productions using the most up to date methods, setting a new standard for country sports DVDs.

We are sure you will enjoy all of our projects featured on our website, and of course wish you the best of luck within your hunting career. All the best. – Phil Smalley